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2017 Volvo S90 Summit NJ

The North American International Auto Show has been utilized as the stage for some of the most important automotive announcements in history. The 2016 show was no exception, and was the venue in which Volvo choose to unveil its brand new S90 sedan. The luxury Swedish automaker carefully calculated the time and place in which the S90 would first be viewed by the public, and the highly regarded show in Detroit provided the perfect backdrop for the executive sedan to debut. Since the unveiling back in January of 2016, anticipation regarding the arrival of the S90 at Volvo dealerships grew, along with an insatiable thirst for drivers to get behind the wheel of the brand’s newest offering.

Why the Volvo S90 is Different

Aside from being a completely new nameplate to the Volvo lineup, there is plenty that the S90 offers in order to stand out from the rest of the luxury vehicles on the road. For instance, the 2017 S90 is the largest sedan in the Volvo lineup, despite the fact that it is classified as midsize. For buyers who need the practicality and economy of a midsize sedan, but prefer the added space of a full-size classification, the all-new S90 is the perfect middle-ground.

What it Offers

The standard engine offering on the 2017 S90 is a turbocharged 2-liter 4-cylinder capable of 240 horsepower, while drivers are able to upgrade their sedan to a turbocharged version that manages 316 horsepower. Volvo has done more than enough to equip the new S90 under the hood, but the brand known for pushing the envelope on alternative propulsion is also expected to release a hybrid version of the S90, capable of a heart-pounding 400 horsepower. All three engines come paired to a responsive eight-speed automatic transmission, and plenty of performance enhancements to go right along for the ride.

One of the most striking stand-out features regarding the newest Volvo sedan, is the standard inclusion of the brand’s semi-autonomous driving system, Pilot Assist. Regardless of which trim level you take home, your 2017 Volvo S90 will be equipped to brake, steer within lane markings, and accelerate without any driver input. Remarkable as it is effective, Pilot Assist is unlike any other standard offering in the luxury sedan market. The innovative system works flawlessly at speeds up to 81 miles per hour, giving S90 drivers confidence behind the wheel like never before.

Trim Level Options

Like any other luxury sedan, there are various trim levels that correspond to price differences between each one. The 2017 Volvo S90 is offered in four different trim options, ranging in price from $46,950, to upwards of $56,250. Whether your budget sits on the low side of high-end, or on the average side of high-end, the S90 promises to offer the best of its class, without requiring you to spend an unsavory amount of money in order to get it. Discover each of the trim levels that the 2017 S90 offers, by exploring them below:

  • T5 – The base level of the S90 comes with the 2-liter engine complete with front-wheel drive and an 8-speed automatic transmission. The main perks found in the standard S90 include leather upholstery, interior wood trim, power seats with driver memory, Volvo’s navigation system, satellite radio, a sunroof, and rear headrests with power-folding technology. As always, Volvo puts safety first, and that is no exception in the all-new S90. Included safety features, such as rear parking sensors, adaptive cruise control, front collision mitigation, lane keeping assist, and automatic braking are all standard on the luxury sedan. Drivers are able to add amenity packages such as a Climate Group and a Convenience Group – both of which are typically reserved for higher-end trim levels.
  • T5 Inscription – This second level offered for the S90 sedan includes all of what the base T5 does, along with a more luxurious interior. Included on the T5 Inscription model of the S90 is premium Nappa leather seating, a four-zone climate control system, ventilated and heated power front seats, and a refrigerated glovebox. Essentially everything you need with just a little added “oomph,” – the T5 is not a bad option for drivers on a moderately high-end budget.
  • T6 – Adding more fuel to the already burning fire, the T6 comes along and adds the more powerful 2-liter engine capable of 316 horsepower and equipped with Volvo’s all-wheel-drive system. Aside from the enhanced engine offering, the T6 does not come with anything extra worth noting. It does, however, offer drivers the chance to add Volvo’s adaptive air suspension if they desire it on their S90.
  • T6 Inscription – Much like the T5 Inscription, the T6 Inscription takes what the T6 offers, and adds enhanced interior amenities to the standard list of features. Nappa premium leather, heated and ventilated seats, and the four-zone personal climate control system are all a part of this luxuriously appointed package.

One of the most striking and most appreciated aspects of the Volvo S90 is that buyers aren’t required to purchase a high-end model to have access to higher-end options. While other models and brands force drivers into higher-bracket trim levels in order to get premium additions such as ventilated seating, Volvo allows buyers the option to customize even the most basic model with package add-ons. Just another way Volvo is committed to providing buyers with the best luxury and in-vehicle innovation that there is available, without entirely breaking the bank.

Come See the New Side of Luxury

Smythe Volvo is located right here in Summit, New Jersey, and offers the very best of what the Swedish automotive brand embodies. Staffed with a highly knowledgeable and skilled team, Smythe Volvo is ready to help you accomplish your goal of driving home in your very own Volvo – whether or not that goal includes the all-new S90 sedan.

Come down to our dealership and peruse our extensive and versatile inventory of brand new Volvo models. Find out how easy it can be to fit refined luxury into your everyday lifestyle. Your dream of owning a brand new Volvo is not only possible, it is closer within reach than you can imagine. Come down and see for yourself, today.

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