Benefits of Leasing a Volvo 


Benefits of Leasing a Volvo

Choosing whether to lease or buy your next Volvo is a personal decision only you are able to make. There are certain benefits and drawbacks associated with both of these options, which drivers should consider before deciding whether to buy or lease. Volvo brand vehicles are more often leased than mainstream automotive brands, simply because leasing tends to be more affordable for drivers. Unlike buying a vehicle outright, drivers who choose to lease are able to get more car, for less money. The benefits associated with a lease, especially one from a luxury brand like Volvo, are considerable.

You Might Be Ready to Lease If…

At the end of the day, only you can decide if taking out a Volvo lease is the right choice for you, and your personal situation. To help clear your mind, and make the decision to lease easier, we put together a handy guide that will determine whether or not this particular journey is the right path for you to take. Grab a cup of coffee, get out your “must-have” list for your next Volvo, and reflect on whether or not these qualities apply to you.

Leasing a Volvo might be the best choice for you, if…

  1. You Always Want to Upgrade: You are the type of person who desires the ability to stay ahead of trends in every possible area. You incorporated vinyl cedar shake-style siding on your house well before the design trend went viral on Pinterest, and your baby was essentially fluent in sign language before area classes started forming. Yes, you are a master of the up-and-coming, and that doesn’t just apply to style preferences and child-rearing, but to all aspects of your life. The car you drive is certainly not an exception to this rule, and you work hard to ensure that the vehicle parked in your driveway, is the most updated version available. If you find yourself constantly trading in your vehicles before paying them off, then a lease is certainly an option to consider. You can set the terms of your lease, Volvo or otherwise, so that you are able to upgrade your car to reflect your trend-setting nature without losing thousands of dollars every time you get the itch.
  3. You Don’t Want to Keep Up with Maintenance: Your on-the-go lifestyle barely leaves you room to breathe, let alone time to remember to schedule routine maintenance on your vehicle. Between your kid’s school schedules, extra-curricular activities, sporting events, and those all-important baby sign language classes, the last thing on your mind is getting an oil change. As the owner of your current car,  you are the sole care taker and ensurer of optimal vehicle health. The buck stops with you, and let’s face it – lately is hasn’t budged an inch. When you lease a Volvo, you will automatically eliminate the headache and cost of regularly scheduled maintenance. While your leased Volvo will still require these all-important routine visits to the service center, they will be entirely free of charge. Let’s not forget that unexpected visits to the garage won’t result in outrageous bills you are stuck paying – because your Volvo lease vehicle does not belong to you. If something unexpected goes wrong mechanically, it is the responsibility of the dealership you lease it from, not you.
  5. You Don’t Want to Be Stuck with the Same Car: Let’s face it – fickleness runs in your family, and despite your best efforts, it is a part of who you are. Choosing a single car to drive for five, ten, or fifteen years, is the antithesis of who you are as a person. Rather than expend unnecessary energy trying to fight your natural instincts, take out a lease. Volvo cars that are leased through certified dealerships can be exchanged as often as your capricious mind desires. With a lease, you will no longer be stuck choosing a single car, truck, or SUV to spend the next decade with. With the average lease agreement lasting three years or less, you are free to wear your, any-way-the-wind-blows heart, right on your sleeve.
  7. You Want More Car than You Can Afford: Who hasn’t been in a situation where they wished they could buy something that was out of their price range? If you have found yourself in this exact predicament for a new car purchase, then a lease might be your best option. When you take out a Volvo lease, you are essentially borrowing the vehicle for an agreed upon amount of time. The monthly payment you will be responsible for covers depreciation and taxes for the time of your lease agreement. Essentially, you will be paying for the amount of the vehicle you use, not the entire car as a whole.  For this reason, people who lease Volvo luxury cars, are able to select a model and trim level that they may not have otherwise been able to purchase. Just because you have a taste for the finer things in life, doesn’t mean your financial future should have to suffer because of it. With a Volvo lease, it won’t have to.

Great Lease Specials at Smythe Volvo

Smythe Volvo is the top choice for buyers and lessees interested in acquiring a vehicle from the luxury Scandinavian automotive brand lineup. With exceptional Volvo lease specials, and a team of product specialists ready to guide you through the Volvo lease process, Smythe Volvo is the only name you need to remember when it comes to securing your new luxury car. Break free from the chains that have previously restricted your personal lifestyle goals, and find out how much you can save by saying goodbye to vehicle financing, and hello to a luxury car lease. Volvo drivers are discovering the unlimited benefits that a Volvo lease has to offer, and they are trusting the experts at Smythe Volvo to make their dream of obtaining a Volvo lease, a reality.

The number one rated Volvo dealership in the country, Smythe Volvo, reflects the premium brand’s commitment to quality and unsurpassed reliability. Lease your next Volvo from the dealership most trusted by area residents, and tap into the endless potential that a Volvo lease has to offer.

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