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The automotive industry seems to be in a near constant state of evolution. From new in-vehicle convenience technologies, to alternative propulsion methods, to autonomous driving solutions, it is clear that when it comes to advancing the way we get around, the sky may very well be the limit. The best engineers in the world are employed by various vehicle brands around the globe, and the race to create the newest and most impressive automotive technology rivals that of the race to put the first man on the moon. While we Americans took home top honors back in 1969 thanks to NASA and Neil Armstrong, it seems that Sweden is leading the charge when it comes to creating the most innovative tech on the road, thanks to Volvo.

How Volvo is Reinventing the Wheel…

…Or at least how we get around with the wheel. The Volvo Group was first conceived back in 1927, and through those nearly ninety years, the Swedish manufacturing company has been on the cutting edge of everything involving automotive innovation. Interestingly enough, the Volvo name actually means “I roll” in Latin, which is certainly appropriate. The brand has been so involved in developing today’s automotive technology that it’s almost unbelievable. The fact that you can find used Volvos from just a year or two ago, juxtapose them with brand new 2017 Volvo models with the same nameplate and find two completely different vehicles, in terms of innovation, is truly incredible.

There is no question that Volvo is on a roll, and the brand’s future plans for innovation are going to change the industry as we know it. Let’s take a look at two of the most recently unveiled technology platforms Volvo is working on, and why it is further proof that the Swedish automaker is the authority when it comes to this constantly evolving industry.

Concierge Service: At the 2016 Los Angeles Auto Show in November, Volvo announced some exciting new technology that drivers everywhere are hoping will become mainstream offerings. The first of the brand’s concepts is known as a Concierge Service. Through a smartphone application, drivers can order gas and car washing services directly to their location. The concept in and of itself isn’t what is revolutionary, but rather the future implications that it has. The Concierge Service app allows drivers to share a digital key with others, to allow access to their Volvo vehicle. The plan to provide gasoline and interior detailing services is impressive, but according to the CEO of Volvo Car USA, Lex Kerssemakers, there is more than meets the eye with this latest technology. In a recent interview with Automotive News, Kerssemakers said that “This is the ultimate level of connectivity, and the technology is an open end. The digital key can be used for car sharing. I’m stretching a little bit there, but once you have access through the digital key and you can start the car, the opportunities are endless.” While future applications for a digital key are unknown, it is clear that the innovative brand is focused on furthering its use sooner rather than later.

For now, Volvo is launching pilot programs for fuel delivery, car washing, and valet parking services in the California Bay Area for drivers of the S90 sedan and the Volvo XC90 crossover SUV. This pilot program began at the end of November, and has no definitive end date on the books. It seems that owners of these two Volvo models will be able to take advantage of the brand’s Concierge Service, give feedback, and help the company improve its future applications.

Autonomous Driving Technology: The autonomous driving car, or the self-driving car, is a feat that every automotive manufacturer wants to arrive at first. While semi-autonomous vehicles have been successfully deployed on the road, and fully autonomous cars have been created as concepts, the race to create a completely safe self-driving car is still very much the mission of auto brands around the world. Not surprisingly, Volvo is determined to get there first, and soon. In the same interview with Automotive News, Kerssemakers stressed Volvo’s goal known as Vision 2020. By the year 2020, Volvo plans to have absolutely no serious injuries or fatalities in one of its vehicles. Kerssemakers further stressed the importance that autonomous vehicles will play in successfully reaching this goal, “We will never reach that without autonomous drive. Eighty percent of mistakes in cars are still made by the human being. And fatalities are on the rise. We have to do something as a society; this cannot continue. We can say we don’t like autonomous drive or don’t trust it, but we need it.” At the conclusion of his interview with Automotive News, the CEO of Volvo Cars USA put a realistic time frame in which he expects the brand to be offering autonomous driving vehicles for sale. When asked whether 2021 was an optimistic goal for autonomous cars, Kerssemakers said, “That is our plan. We see this as a marathon, not a sprint. Yes, it’s ambitious. But if it’s 2022, then it’s 2022. We are not going to bring cars to the market if they are not good enough. We have a safety reputation to defend.”

For individuals on the fence about the mainstream utilization of autonomous driving cars, rest assured that there will be plenty of regulations and hoops that manufacturers will have to jump through before deploying these cars out on roadways. For those who are hopeful for this exciting endeavor, rest assured that you will more than likely see it happen in your lifetime. Plenty of automotive brands are working to bring this advanced technology to our daily lives, but just as ambitious as Volvo may seem, they are certainly going about it the right way: slowly, carefully, and safely.

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