Volvo Cars for Sale Near Me


Volvo Cars for Sale near Me

Finding a great Volvo dealership may not be as hard as you think, especially if you live here in Summit, New Jersey. When it comes time for you to check out Volvo cars for sale, look no further than the number one ranked Volvo dealership in the country – Smythe Volvo. Our longstanding dedication to providing exceptional service to residents of Summit, NJ, and the surrounding communities, has helped secure our highly regarded reputation as a Volvo dealership that cares about our customers, above all else.

When we say that our dealership is the best of the best, we mean it. Here at Smythe Volvo, we have placed a strong emphasis on customer service and care since we first opened our doors, and that commitment is paying off. Our customers are so satisfied with their buying experiences here at Smythe Volvo, that we have earned the 2016 National Volvo DealerRater Dealer of the Year Award from the world’s premier car dealer review website, We are proud to be the recipient of this coveted award for four years in a row, and intend to carry on this tradition for the next four years and beyond.

A Huge Selection of Volvos for Sale

Here at Smythe Volvo, we carry the most extensive collection of Volvo models for sale in New Jersey and on the entire east coast. Our inventory boasts the newest offerings from Volvo’s lineup, including the all-new V90 wagon and S90 sedan. Whatever it is you are looking for, Smythe Volvo has it.

Whether you are well versed in the Volvo brand lineup, or are just beginning to explore the many options that the iconic brand best known for safety intelligence has to offer, we invite you to come down to Smythe Volvo and discover all that this premium automotive brand brings to the table.

A new Volvo is one of the finest pleasures in life, and there are plenty to choose from right here in Summit, New Jersey. Check out a few of the options from each segment that Volvo represents, and learn how you can begin your journey to owning one of the most luxurious new cars in the world, right here at Smythe Volvo.

Volvo Cars for Sale at Smythe Volvo

Volvo offers three exceptional sedan options in its lineup this year, with each one bringing its own unique element to the table. The 2017 S90 is the newest sedan to join the Volvo lineup, and is responsible for single-handedly redefining the luxury sedan segment. The S90 was designed to mirror the proud Scandinavian culture that it was born from, and the result is nothing short of stunning. As you drive your brand new S90 down the highway, you will be the envy of every other driver on the road. With an unprecedented list of included technology, the 2017 Volvo S90 boasts semi-autonomous driving technology that comes standard in all of its models. When you get behind the wheel of this show-stopping piece of automotive perfection, every previous notion you had of what it meant for a vehicle to be luxurious will disappear into the wind as you slice through it with aerodynamic precision. At Smythe Volvo, the new S90 is one of the most exciting vehicles we have ever seen come from the Swedish manufacturer, and we can’t wait to show it off in person. The 2017 S90 is a perfect example of what Volvo means when they say that they strive to be the leader in luxury and in-vehicle technology. In our opinion, Volvo not only reached their goal with the S90, they exceeded it in ways that we could not previously imagine.

For drivers who are looking for a sedan that is just as impressive as the S90, but offered at a lower price point, the S60 is a great option. The 2017 Volvo S60 comes with two powertrain options, and is loaded with the innovation that Volvo drivers have come to expect from the luxury automaker. The S60 thrills with up to 302 horsepower and 295 lb.-ft. of torque, while still managing to save drivers at the pump with an EPA-estimated fuel economy of 38 miles per gallon on the highway. With included technology such as Volvo’s advanced Sensus infotainment system, the S60 is able to offer built-in Wi-Fi connectivity and an intuitive navigation system that ensures you will always reach your intended destination.

Whether you are in the market for the newest and most advanced sedan ever offered by the Swedish automaker, or prefer to stick with a classic in the Volvo lineup, at Smythe Volvo, you are able to comfortably explore all of your options under one roof.

A Proud Part of the Flanagan Family Tradition of Excellence

At Smythe Volvo, we don’t simply sell luxury Volvo cars and SUVs, we offer customers an experience unlike any other dealership around. As a part of the successful Flanagan Family Enterprise, Smythe Volvo has been a staple in the Summit, NJ community for over fifty years. Our dealership is committed to the same driving principles that established Smythe Volvo as the high-standing reputable Volvo dealer that it is today. Family owned and operated, Smythe Volvo is a dealership that offers a level of customer care that you will not find anywhere else. With four years of awards to prove it, Smythe Volvo is recognized as the number one dealership to purchase new and pre-owned Volvo vehicles from, in the entire country. Our commitment to the individuals who allow us to journey with them on their paths to new Volvo ownership, is not one that we will ever take lightly. Smythe Volvo has been treating our customers as a part of the family for the past fifty years, and that same treatment will continue for the next fifty years and beyond.

When you come down to our dealership, you will immediately sense the difference that Smythe Volvo has strived to achieve over the past half century. From the warm smile that greets you at the front door, to the one-on-one attention you receive as you shop for your new Volvo car or SUV, every one of our team members is dedicated to providing you with an unmatched new car buying experience.

If you want your next new vehicle purchase to be as unique as you are, then we invite you to come to Smythe Volvo and discover the difference for yourself. Whether you are ready to buy a new Volvo today, or are simply interested in checking out the Volvo brand lineup for 2017, you are welcome to come by anytime during our regular business hours.

For your convenience, we are open Monday through Thursday from 9AM until 8PM, on Friday from 9AM until 6PM, and on Saturday from 9AM until 5PM. Our location of 40 River Road was carefully chosen for its accessibility from all areas of Summit and the surrounding communities. No matter where you live, you will have access to the number one rated Volvo dealership in the entire United States, a fact in which we take great pride. Come down and experience what the highest ranked Volvo dealer in the country has to offer, which goes above and beyond what every other Volvo dealership brings to the table.

Smythe Volvo would be honored to be given the opportunity to help you on your new car buying journey. We hope to see you here very soon.

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