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Volvo Dealership Summit, NJ

Looking for a trustworthy Volvo dealership? There are a few things you should look for. It’s important that a dealership has been around for a while. Why? Because, they most likely have a standing relationship and reputation with the community. It will also be easier to do research on them. Research, such as finding any reviews or awards they might have won for their exceptional service. Finally, it’s key that those reviews relay that the dealership has superb customer service. Because if a dealership has a customer-focused attitude, it means they are there for you — not to find a quick way to make a buck.

It’s dealerships like Smythe Volvo that have everything mentioned above and more, which is why we’re one of the most trusted dealerships in the Summit, NJ area.

They’ve Been Around for a While

 Like I said before, a dealership that’s been around a while has an established reputation and relationship with the community they serve. Whether this reputation is good or bad, it’s easy to find out. You can ask around, or simply look online. But, it’s important to understand something: if the dealership has been around for a while, it wouldn’t be possible for them to have a bad reputation. Obviously, they are doing something right if they have been able to keep their business open for an extended period of time. Therefore, they must have a good reputation as a dealership.

To further solidify this reputation, all dealerships — whether large or small — must strengthen their relationship with the surrounding community. Whether it’s by hosting events or fundraisers at the dealership, or making donations to organizations. All of these acts help build a good reputation with the community, and it’s much more than just a way to get customers in the door. If a dealership’s team has pride in the community they serve, they’ll do it simply because they care.

Therefore, it’s pertinent when looking for a trusted dealership to find one that has been cemented in the community for many years. This almost always ensures they have a good reputation and relationship with the community, because they are promoting car buying the right way.

Positive Reviews and Awards

But the best way to find out if a dealership is trustworthy or not? Read reviews online, and look for any awards they’ve won. Awards don’t come easy, and they certainly need to be earned. If industry awards weren’t such a big deal, dealers wouldn’t display them on their websites.

Awards like Dealer Rater of the Year are a big deal, and it’s awarded by a trusted third party dealer review website. DealerRater was established to be a trusted source for consumers to rate and review dealership experiences. Since it’s a third party website, consumers are more inclined to speak truthfully about their experience at a dealership. Although there is nothing wrong with a dealership’s “About Us” page or the reviews you find directly on their websites, it’s nice to be able to cross-reference those experiences with others who might not have reason to leave a biased review. Yelp and any other big-name third party review sites are great places to start as well.

As far as awards go, you’ll want to pay attention to what the award is for. The Dealer Rater of the Year award is a program that recognizes a select number of car dealerships throughout the U.S. and Canada for outstanding customer satisfaction. This is determined by the reviews posted on the DealerRater website, and the award criteria is as follows: at least 25 new reviews written on the DealerRater website during the previous calendar year, an average rating greater than 4.0 out of 5.0, and not be blacklisted within the last 12 months.

Since DealerRater presents its award based on customer satisfaction taken from third party reviews, it’s a great award to help you determine where to shop. It shows that the dealership is not only more good at selling cars, but they are trusted by their customers.

A Customer-Focused Attitude

How does a dealership build up that trust? Apart from strengthening their bond with the community, they can do one simple thing in-house: have a customer-focused attitude. This means more than just treating the customers with respect and going above and beyond to meet their needs. It also means creating a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere, where consumers feel comfortable to take their time and browse cars, ask questions, and explore their options.

It also means providing customers with plenty of options to browse. The dealership you go to should have a selection of new and used cars (unless they are specifically one or the other), and all of them should be in good condition. The latest brand-specific 2016 models are a good start, and provide consumers with the option of either taking out a long-term car loan or leasing.

Certified pre-owned vehicles are the next step, and provide a good middle ground for those who aren’t looking to pay full price for a new car, but also want something newer.

Used cars are for everyone else, and since used car sales are now outgrowing new car sales, everyone else is starting to make up the majority of current car shoppers. A dealer who has these three selections on their lots is obviously motivated to meet the diverse needs of the consumers.

How is a customer-focused attitude ruined? By a sales team that is only interested in selling a car as fast as possible, and creating a stressful and pushy sales environment. If you have an experience like this, it’s best to just walk away.

It’s for this reason that family-owned and operated dealerships are often a good choice, since their family values of respect, care, and honesty often transition over to the staff and business.

Smythe Volvo: Everything and More

What Volvo dealership in Summit, NJ has everything mentioned above and more? Smythe Volvo, of course.

Smythe Volvo was first started by the Flanagan family in 1966, and continues to be family run and operated to this day. For 50 years, we’ve been serving the area of Summit, NJ and its surrounding community, by providing high-quality new and used vehicles at great prices, and service with a smile.

We even participate in the Volvo Overseas Deliver program, where our customers get the chance to go on a Scandinavian vacation and drive their new car around Sweden. After this vacation, your new Volvo will be shipped back to New Jersey where you can pick it up. We have received many overwhelmingly positive reviews for customer satisfaction like this, and are proud to be the recipient of the Dealer Rater Dealer of the Year award for four years running. We even have the scores up on our website with all the information about the award — we have nothing to hide as a dealership.

This relaxed, customer-first approach we embrace has proven successful time and time again. Not just because of the amount of new and used cars we sell, but also because of how happy our returning and first-time customers are. It is our goal to help you find a vehicle that meets your needs, without any unnecessary pressure or hassle. Why? Because, Smythe Volvo, your local Volvo dealership in Summit, NJ, has and always will, ensure customer satisfaction.

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