As far as luxury sedans at affordable prices go, Volvo’s previous option was the S80, a sedan that some criticized for being somewhat bland and boring compared to its competitors. Enter the 2017 Volvo S90. This much anticipated mid-size luxury sedan is going to prove itself a game changer for Volvo. One thing in particular that stands out about the S90 is the interior. The upcoming S90 boasts one of the nicest interiors in the class, and is made from quality materials, has comfortable seats, and also features intuitive technology, complemented by a cutting-edge infotainment system.

Couple this with the spacious cabin and stylish design, and you have a mid-size sedan that is going to take the luxury market by storm.

Quality Materials

The inside of the S90 is laden with plenty of quality luxury materials. Leather, chrome, wooden inlays, and metal accents are all present, and play a huge role in the aesthetics and upscale feel. Compared to its predecessor – the S80 – this sedan actually feels like a luxury sedan. It’s done away with most of the buttons on the dash for a more user-friendly, clean, elegant presentation, with only an ignition switch and a strip of buttons for audio advance and rewind, as well as defrost functions. Other than that, everything else is operated on the touchscreen.

Those wooden inlays, metal and chrome accents? Volvo didn’t shortchange its consumers when it comes to such striking details, as they can be found wrapping from door to door and across the dash. Actually, the dash is made partially out of wood, which really enhances the overall elegance. Upgrading to the Inscription package also lands you a leather-wrapped dash panel with walnut trim accents (the wood inlay is birch), and Nappa leather upholstery.

Honestly, this vehicle is a huge leap for Volvo. The previous S80 was nice, but this is so much better, and looks like it will challenge its competitors in terms of luxury and interior comfort and quality.

Some of the Best Seats in the Class

Speaking of comfort, the S90 has some of the best seats in the class. Ergonomically designed, and made out of the finest of materials (regardless of trim level) these seats ensure that as soon as you slide into the cabin, you won’t want to get out. The minimalist concept of the cabin actually helps further immerse you in the seats, considering that you aren’t overwhelmed by a plethora of buttons and gauges as soon as you sit in the car. This allows you to truly enjoy (and get lost in) the comfort of the fine leather material surrounding you. Complementing these leather seats is a leather wrapped steering wheel for ultimate comfort while navigating your journey.

The seats also have support and adjustments that make them suited for extended periods of driving, like lumbar support and nine other adjustments in order to morph them to your liking. Even when the front driver seat is pushed all the way back for taller drivers, the remaining 36-inches of legroom in the rear means plenty of room for children and adults alike. This spacious feeling isn’t something too many other mid-size luxury sedans are able to brag about, and puts the S90 even more in-line with more expensive BMW, Audi, and Mercedes models. But, the cherry on top of this sedan sundae, is when prospective buyers discover that the front seats can also be upgraded with heating and cooling technologies, along with a heated steering wheel and even heated outboard rear seats when the Climate package is added.

That minimalist approach means the infotainment system needs to be plenty intuitive, especially in order to make up for the loss of all those extra buttons. Was the S90 successful in this regard? Of course it was…

Intuitive Tech and Infotainment

Not only was it successful, but just like the comfort and luxury of the vehicle, the technology and infotainment system is also a huge upgrade compared to its predecessor. It comes standard with a navigation system (which is a huge plus already) along with a 9-inch touchscreen infotainment display, a 10-speaker audio system with USB and auxiliary inputs, satellite radio, power-folding rear head restraints, and illuminated door handle approach lighting.

Keep in mind: those are all standard features. A 9-inch touchscreen standard is almost unheard of, and other mid-size sedans on the market typically only see that in an additional package or on the third trim in the model lineup.

Speaking of trim levels, upgrading to the Inscription package provides four-zone climate control, and a 12-inch instrument cluster display with Apple CarPlay integration. Which boosts the intuitiveness for iPhone users even further, providing them a seamless way to connect to the S90’s infotainment system. A stand-alone option for the S90 is a Bowers & Wilkins premium audio system, so the music coming from your iPhone or Android can be played in crystal clear quality.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Volvo without some intuitive technological safety features, right? The S90 has semi-autonomous steering, lane keeping, and adaptive cruise control (called Pilot Assist when combined) which essentially lets the S90 drive itself through slow traffic jams or even swift-moving traffic. It requires that you only touch the steering wheel at regular intervals, meaning you can focus more on enjoying all of the tech and comfort features.

Like 80% of everything else on this list, that semi-autonomous driving technology also comes standard. All of these comfort features make the S90’s starting $46,950 price tag worth it. Consumers won’t soon find as many other quality and tech features as standard fare in other mid-size luxury sedans for that kind of price.

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