One-Up Your Childhood with a New Volvo Wagon


One-Up Your Childhood with a New Volvo Wagon

If you grew up in in the United States in the 70s, 80s, or even 1990s, then chances are high that you at least knew one family that had a wagon-style car sitting in their garage. More commonly known as station wagons, these cars offered families the opportunity to drive a vehicle that was able to accommodate all of their unique needs. From full size families, to full size cargo loads, these station wagons were immediately popular with buyers who would eventually turn to the minivan in order to acheive continued on-road convenience.

Despite the fact that many wagon owners have since moved on to the minivan and SUV segment, the station wagon is still alive and very much well. With many exceptional examples sitting at your local Volvo dealership, the wood-paneled vessel that transported you and your friends (un)safely in the trunk, has been replaced by something far more exceptional.

Meet the Newest Station Wagon on the Block

Volvo is not a stranger to manufacturing prestigious station wagons, the luxury car brand essentially invented the segment with the Saloon and Estate models that date all the way back to the 1920s. The Swedish car company understood very early on that functional options for family cars were sorely lacking in the automotive marketplace, and immediately took action. Since the early models were first conceived, the brand has further perfected the niche category of station wagons. Volvo has been working non-stop to come up with better ways to serve drivers in this segment, and their efforts have not gone unnoticed.

The all new 2017 Volvo V90 is the newest station wagon on the block, and it it is a far cry from what you remember from your childhood. The Swedish automaker has managed to completely reinvent the wheel, creating a car unlike anything this segment has ever seen. Discover everything that this marvel of the automotive world offers, by exploring each of the areas below.

  • Design – Volvo is not a stranger to exceptional design, and its newest model is no exception. The body of the V90 is long, as is expected from a station wagon – but the design of the car offers fluidity and grace unlike others in this segment. With a hint of athleticism, the exterior design of the V90 pays tribute to the power and performance that sits just underneath the hood of the newest Volvo. The rounded front end flows flawlessly into the elongated sides of the station wagon, and slopes into the rear bumper with exceptional clarity. Rather than appear gawky and awkward as others in this segment tend to do, the 2017 Volvo V90 is as confident in its stature as any other luxury vehicle on the road.
  • Interior Beauty – As a luxury car, it should come as no surprise that the interior of the V90 is as beautiful on the inside, as it is out. Taking design cues from the stylish S90, the V90 mirrors much of what Volvo’s luxury sedan already encompasses. The focal point of the newest station wagon from Volvo is a large touchscreen infotainment system display that is placed vertically for perfect clarity, even when in motion. Real wood accents adorn the cabin, giving it the perfect warmth in welcoming passengers on your every journey.
  • Passenger Comfort – One of the most critical factors to consider when buying a family car, is passenger comfort. The Volvo V90 offers incredible creature comforts that are draped in refinery. A four-zone climate control system allows each of the four major seating positions the ability to control their individual temperatures, whether they be hot, cold, or somewhere in between. The panoramic sunroof treats passengers to a completely open experience without having to consider any of the elemental factors. As expected from any Volvo vehicle, the V90 will include the most structurally supportive seats for all five passengers, complete with luxurious leather surfaces.
  • Fun to Drive – The newest addition to the Volvo family offers the same level of excitement and fun behind the wheel as other vehicles in the lineup. The lower ground clearance of the V90 allows for a more responsive experience behind the wheel, and despite its longer length, the station wagon takes corners easily in stride. The complete list of engine specifications have yet to be released by Volvo, but it is expected to offer similar engine and drivetrain options as the XC90 SUV.

Check Out Other Wagon Options While You Wait

The newest station wagon will likely arrive at dealerships sometime in mid-2017. If you are in the market for a capable and luxurious family car and are unable to wait until Volvo releases the V90, then you are in luck. The Swedish automotive brand offers the XC70 and V60 station wagons that are currently available at your local Volvo dealership.

Starting at just above $36,000, the Volvo V60 pairs versatility and luxury for the perfect family wagon. Smaller than the XC70, the V60 delivers up to 37 miles per gallon on the highway, and can manage up to 302 horsepower. Not a bad punch of power for a compact station wagon, and a great option for smaller families who are looking for a change up from the ho-hum compact crossover segment.

The Volvo XC70 is the second wagon offering from the Swedish automaker, and has a starting MSRP of $37,100. This wagon brings to the table up to 72 cubic feet of interior cargo space, and sits higher up than the smaller V60 with a ground clearance of 8.3-inches. Despite its larger size and higher stance, the XC70 still manages an impressive 31 miles per gallon on the highway, allowing you to go further between fill-ups than the outdated minivan you may also be considering.

Regardless of whether you wait for the V90 station wagon, or opt for one of the two capable vehicles currently available, be sure to come down to Smythe Volvo in order to explore all of your options. See for yourself what makes the station wagon segment a still-viable option for families who are sick of the “same-old, same-old” when it comes to choosing a capable and safe family car.

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