Consider the Special Technology Found in the Volvo S60

A luxury subcompact sedan should offer you all of the technology that you want from a vehicle. The Volvo S60 does that and more. This popular car will impress you with all that it delivers.

There is a driver display that is a standard feature in the Volvo S60 and that offers a little more information from what you would get from the average vehicle. This 12-inch display sets you up with information such as navigational directions to help you do well as you are driving.

When you are driving at night and the mirror in your vehicle is bothering you because of the glare that is coming off of it, you have to reach up and change that mirror to fix the situation. The Volvo S60 takes care of the problem for you with an auto-dimming mirror. This mirror will adjust for you without the need for you to reach up and adjust it yourself.



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