The Versatility of the Volvo V90

The V90 remains a popular choice among families who favored traditional station wagons. The vehicles are fuel-efficient and provide plenty of interior space. The wagon also has a number of available features that help make it more versatile. We have the latest V90 models in our Smythe Volvo Cars inventory. Bring the family. Enjoy a test drive.

The infotainment system not only enables occupants to enjoy their favorite tunes, but may also be combined with strategically placed cameras and sensors to provide displays that aid in parking, backing up or monitor the lanes on either side of the V90.

The keyless entry system is ideal for opening the door when having your hands full. The tailgate easily opens by simply approaching the rear of the vehicle. Along with an ample cargo compartment and load cover for privacy, new owners may also opt for compartment holders that keep groceries or other loads organized.



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