Tomorrow's Safety Tech in Today's Volvo S60

Our Smythe Volvo Cars team is all abuzz with talk of Volvo S60's safety features. On top of all of the things that make it a top luxury compact sedan, Volvo S60 can brag of an impressive, ahead-of-trend safety package.

Run-Off Road Mitigation

Nobody wants to be run off the road or have to do so, but it happens. Volvo S60 Run-Off Road Mitigation immediately detects a run-off road scenario before it unfolds. The feature tightens safety belts electronically, keeping you and passengers in safe, stable positions.

A Supreme Steel Body

Boron steel makes up the Volvo S60 body and frame. It's one of the strongest types of steel in the world, renowned for its energy-absorbing properties. Volvo S60's boron steel frame also has special padding to absorb and redirect crash energy, protecting you and your passengers from the shock of high impact.

A Volvo S60 test drive at our Summit dealership is an excellent way to discover for yourself what makes this sedan such a leader in its class.


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