A car cover is an important accessory for any vehicle. If you want to keep your car in top condition, we at Smythe Volvo Cars recommend preventative maintenance. A cover improves how well the interior and exterior of your vehicle will age, so it is just as important as a tune-up or oil change.

Weather is a major factor for those who are proud owners of a car cover. Long-term and short-term damage can happen with UV rays, dust from windstorms and hail. Keeping your vehicle covered plays a big part in how much it is damaged.

If you park on a busy street, there are plenty of opportunities for rocks to bounce up onto your vehicle, small scratches from bikes and dings from passers-by. A cover can help deter people from messing with your vehicle and keep and scratches off your paint. Throw your car cover in the trunk, so you are always prepared!



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