Volvo S60: Eliminating Weather Worries

Weather affects you daily. How often do you check the weather forecast? Do you plan your commute or your social events around impending thunderstorms and heat waves? At Smythe Volvo Cars, we understand the weather’s importance in your everyday life. It’s why Volvo built new sensing technology into the S60 automobile.

How great would it be if your car responded to rain on its own without you having to do a thing? It can. The Volvo S60 has built-in rain sensors that start your windshield wipers the moment rain—or puddle water—are splashed onto your windshield.

When the rainstorm is over, pop your panoramic moonroof and let the power sunshade infuse air and sun into your trip while helping to vent any remaining humidity from the storm while keeping the ambient wind below g-force level. The sunshade is also perforated, so you get lots of natural light without the harsh glare to go with your refreshing drive and automatic hairstyle protection. Fewer distractions for you create a more exciting and safe driving experience. Come test drive a Volvo S60 and leave weather worries behind you.



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