While you may be okay with resetting your seat to your comfort level after someone else has driven the vehicle, the new Volvo XC40 from Smythe Volvo Cars has features that allow you to program it so that it will remember your personal settings for seating so that you can easily drive the vehicle. Explore Summit, NJ with comfort and convenience from behind the wheel of the new XC40.

One of the features that our Volvo sales specialists believe that you will enjoy is the power driver seat with memory. You just set the seat, mirrors, and everything else so that you can be comfortable on the road. The Volvo will remember these settings for the next time you get in the vehicle to drive.

The driver's seat is not the only seat with special settings. You can also get a good feature for the front passenger seat. You can adjust the seat in multiple ways so that you can get comfortable in the passenger seat. The controls on this are intuitive as well.


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