The Exterior Features on the Volvo V90 Are Worth Talking About

When it comes to modern day vehicles, exterior features matter. They make the car more visually appealing and fun to drive. You will find plenty of these to consider when looking at the Volvo V90. As far as popular luxury wagons go, this one really has just about everything you could hope for and then some.

One thing that you will notice right away is the cross country front grille. This comes standard now on the V90. It is a visually appealing grille that is definitely unique with its vertical black bars and glassy chrome finish. This will really stand out in a crowd.

You will also find that this vehicle has dual tailpipes that are integrated right into its design. This is a useful feature that also provides a sporty look to a big wagon. You can see this and the other exterior features when you take it for a test drive at Smythe Volvo Cars.


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