Plug-in electric hybrid vehicles (or PHEVs) offer drivers the best of both worlds: the power and precision of a combustion engine with the efficiency and sustainability of an electric motor. These vehicles combine a battery-powered electric motor and an auxiliary fuel source-such as gasoline or diesel. 

If you want to see what this technology looks like in action, look no further than Volvo's all-star lineup of PHEV cars. Drivers can choose from a variety of cutting-edge classics, such as the Volvo XC90, XC60, and S90, along with the S60, V60, and XC90 Recharge. That's a lot of options!

All of the vehicles in this diverse lineup share a common set of benefits. Let's take a look!


The Benefits to Your Environmental Footprint Add Up FAST


It's no secret that switching to a PHEV motor reduces the amount of carbon dioxide you generate by driving. What many drivers don't realize, however, is how significant this reduction can be. Many drivers experience an incredible 50% reduction in their carbon emissions during their first year of driving. No other purchase lets you effectively cut one of your biggest carbon footprints in half.


You Spend a Lot Less Time (and Money!) at the Gas Station


Volvo's new 18.8-kwh batteries can comfortably offer 30+ miles per charge, meaning many commuters will be able to fit in a full day of driving on just the vehicle's battery charge. With a growing number of plug-in power stations around the country, there are also plenty of places to recharge your car while you're working. 

As a result, expect to spend a LOT less time and money at the gas station.


Prepare to Completely Rethink Vehicle Maintenance


Despite having multiple fuel sources, many plug-in hybrid vehicles actually feature fewer moving parts than their combustion counterparts. As a result, they have longer intervals between routine maintenance and they often have easier maintenance routines as well. Drivers who do most of their commuting on battery power will also notice significantly less strain on their engines, allowing their new Volvo cars to stay happy and healthy for longer.


Your Daily Cost-of-Use Goes Way DOWN


Here's a fact that won't surprise anyone: electricity is much cheaper than gasoline. As mentioned above, all these little reductions in gasoline usage add up FAST, and it's hard not to appreciate the effect this can have on your budget. 

As an added bonus, you'll also probably spend less money on gas station snacks as well. Both your wallet and waistline will thank you. 


Did We Mention the Tax Incentives?


Depending on what you buy and where you live, your PHEV could qualify for some seriously attractive tax credits. Federal tax credits alone can reach $7,500 worth of savings, and there are plenty of incentives available on a state-by-state level as well. If you count these incentives against the sticker price of the vehicle, it can make a new PHEV a lot more affordable than you might initially think.


Bonus Point: Hybrid Engines Make for a Smoother, Quieter Drive


It shouldn't be too surprising that battery propulsion is generally quieter and smoother than combustion propulsion. Simply put, this means that PHEV driving is generally a smoother experience than other forms of driving-and it's impossible not to appreciate the difference that makes! Although you won't get the satisfaction of hearing your engine roar as much, you'll also skip out on the ambient headaches that come from virtually every other engine sound. 


While these might be some of the main reasons to make the switch to a Volvo PHEV, they're hardly the only ones! If you want even more reasons to join the world of electric-hybrid driving, then visit Smythe Volvo today!



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