Smythe Volvo Sustainability and Climate Action

Renewable Energy

Solar panels power the majority of our facility.

LED Lighting

Our lighting uses far less power than traditional lighting systems, resulting in greated reduced carbon emissions.  

Building Materials

Our tiling features high pre- and post- consumer content with 100% natural materials.  Our durable and sustainable carpets are crafted of recycled content. Our wood surfaces are crafted using small scraps and off cuts that would otherwise be thrown away.

Water Conservation

Throughout our operations we have low flush water amenities as well as a low water use car wash.  We re-capture rainwater wherever feasible.

Cleaning Materials

We utilize environmentally friendly cleaning materials throughout our building and when detailing vehicles.


Smythe Volvo is committed to recycling materials, including cardboard, paper, and motor vehicle oil.  We have a reduced single use container requirement.

Ethical and responsible business

By protecting the wellbeing and rights of our employees, promoting equality and working to minimize environmental and social impacts within our supply chain - we aim to be a recognized leader in ethical and responsible business.

At Smythe, we are proud to support the future generations of Volvo drivers through our ongoing commitment to the environment.